Poás Volcano is Open to the Public Again!

Come join us on one of Finca Rosa Blanca’s most popular day excursions and one of Costa Rica’s famous natural sites.

The Poás Volcano National Park contains a dwarf cloud forest and you can stand on the Continental Divide, which means rain to the West of the divide flows to the Pacific Ocean and rain falling to the East flows to the Caribbean Sea. The Crater Lake is one of the most acidic lakes in the world because of hydrochloric and sulfuric acid in the water from the percolating gas emissions. Sightings of the 79 species of birds that have been identified inside the protected zone including the quetzal, emerald toucanet, black guan, and countless hummingbirds.

To reserve a day trip to visit Poás Volcano, please contact our Reservations staff at reservations@fincarosablanca.com