Coffee, Chocolate, and Cheese Trail

Custom Itinerary | 4 nights minimum, 6 nights recommended

A Costa Rica itinerary should include a tour to the home to some of the best coffee, chocolate and more recently, cheese; three foods with fascinating histories that have changed the culinary world. They are also some of the foods that people are most passionate about, and each has a fascinating story of Costa Rica cuisine.

The Coffee, Chocolate & Cheese Trail begins in the Central Highlands of Costa Rica at Finca Rosa Blanca, producers of some of the finest estate organic shade-grown coffee in the country. Next, guests are transported to the grounds of Sibú Chocolate, producers of Costa Rica’s finest estate organic chocolates, also in the Central Highlands. Traveling over the Talamanca Mountain Range at heights of over 10,000 feet, guests arrive at Monte Azul, home of Costa Rica´s only commercial Farmstead Cheeses.

At each of these destinations, participants get the opportunity to learn from experts the history of their products, from ancient history and cultural influences, to modern cultivation and contemporary preparation techniques. Guests sample these choice products in stylish surroundings with innovative recipes designed to showcase the product’s best qualities, from the traditional to the latest trends in technique and presentation.

The itinerary is a customized to a guest’s particular interests with other attractions such as an organic herb farm, honey bee farm and local markets, sample Costa Rica’s new microbrew beers, organic berry wines and visit a traditional trapiche to learn the traditional way of processing sugarcane. Opt for a private rum tasting, sampling the best rums from the region or a visit to a vanilla bean farm, where guests are surprised by the intricacies of the vanilla process.