Summer’s Here! Get Outside (& Into the Sun) at Finca Rosa Blanca

As winter chill and seasonal dark encroach on North America, Europe and Asia, summer bathes Costa Rica in sunny warmth and brilliance.

A strange statement, we know! After all, Costa Rica is located 9-10º north of the Equator – firmly in the Northern Hemisphere. And yet, we’re also far enough south to enjoy year-round warmth and escape the dull, gray skies of winter.

Come December, our beloved dry season – known locally as simply summer– rolls in with cerulean skies, everyday sun, and average temperatures (at Finca Rosa Blanca) of 70º to 85ºF. In other words, perfection. This is an ideal escapefrom winter, from the indoors, and from a year’s worth of confinement. You deserve it.

You also deserve peace of mind. So, in addition to our robust COVID-19 protocols, we’re now offering all our get-outdoors-and-enjoy-the-sunshine activities only as private tours(for 2+). You can travel, explore, and enjoy, with only your bubble to share in the fun.

(And, don’t forget to inquire about our secret summer rates!)

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