Costa Rican Tradition, Good Enough to Slurp

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High in the mountains of Costa Rica, on the slopes of Poás Volcano and Barva Volcano, Finca Rosa Blanca opens onto 30 acres of rich soil and shade-grown, high-altitude organic coffee: Arabica varietals including Caturra and Obatá varietals, with some guest appearances from Catuaí, Catimor and the now world-famous Gesha (aka Geisha) coffee.

For nearly 300 years, coffee has stood as both source and symbol of Costa Rican prosperity: The crop that built a nation – and, famously, our spectacular Neo-Baroque, Parisian-designed National Theater (Teatro Nacional) – coffee today represents our heritage, culture, and culinary tradition.

Explore Finca Rosa Blanca and our organic coffee plantation on one of the top coffee tours in Costa Rica, complete with an expert guide and farm walk through our shaded fields and forests, home to over 137 bird species. The tour culminates with a lesson in coffee cupping.

Sustainable Practices: Finca Rosa Blanca Organic Coffee

Here at Finca Rosa Blanca, we believe that organic agriculture is about more than the avoidance of pesticides and petrochemicals: Our organic coffee plantation is dedicated to sustainable practices, organic agriculture, and honoring three centuries of Costa Rican coffee heritage.

Finca Rosa Blanca is a certified organic coffee plantation: we use no agrochemicals, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

Instead, we employ effective, natural methods to help our organic coffee flourish. With the help of local school children and the Costa Rican environmental protection agency (MINAET), we have planted 5,000+ indigenous trees throughout our organic coffee plantation. These trees produce both beneficial shade and nitrogen for our organic Costa Rican coffee, while simultaneously establishing biological corridors for our birds and other native wildlife.

Finca Rosa Blanca’s organic coffee is planted following the natural topography of our farm, to avoid erosion and water waste; our coffee fields are also protected by living fences planted from native shrubs and trees. We apply rich compost, harvested from our vermiculture (worm beds) and the hotel’s organic and kitchen refuse. To combat the fungi and pests that often plague coffee, we use only natural remedies.

Our Costa Rican organic coffee is certified organic by Kiwa BCS, an international organic agriculture certification and is certified sustainable by Rainforest Alliance and ICAFE, the Costa Rica National Institute for Coffee.

Finca Rosa Blanca: Coffee Farm and Coffee Cupping Tour

Become an expert on organic Costa Rican coffee and coffee cupping – the fine (but not dainty) art of coffee slurping – at Finca Rosa Blanca.

Learn the mysteries of our famous bean and immerse your senses in the scents, textures and tastes of Costa Rica’s greatest crop: the grano de oro, or grain of gold – once an economic foothold, forever Costa Rica’s cultural heritage. Not to mention, our favorite beverage!

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