Las Aves

Sleeps 2

Las Aves is a whimsical Garden Suite with a King size bed, spacious bathroom covered with avian murals and features a lovely sky-lit Jacuzzi tub. With an enclosed private patio and a garden filled with tropical plants and flowers, you can relax in your own outdoor hot-tub with tropical breezes and a volcanic rock wall dripping water and ferns.

There's a whimsy at play in each of the Inn's 11 suites and two master suites; floors and countertops are constructed from glossy hardwoods, and walls are festooned with colorful hand-painted murals. Even the architecture is quietly playful, with loads of odd-shaped windows, domed ceilings and nary a 90-degree angle. When I do finally wander back to my room, there are two tiny dark chocolate frogs on my pillow. It's the perfect ending to an already sweet day
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Las Aves Jr. Suite and Villa - Garden
Las Aves Jr. Suite and Villa - Jacuzzi
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Las Aves Jr. Suite and Villa - Floorplan