Rafting pacuare river

Things to do in Costa Rica

There are so many things to do in Costa Rica and at Finca Rosa Blanca, it’s a challenge to choose our favorites.

We're happy to try, though! When you visit Finca Rosa Blanca, you experience Costa Rica’s wildlife, nature, culture and coffee in countless ways: volcanoes and cloud forest tours, white water rafting and spectacular waterfalls, coffee highlands and wellness getaways.

The width and breadth of things to do in Costa Rica makes this an ideal destination for honeymoon couples, solo travelers and extended family retreats. Finca Rosa Blanca and our greater region – just outside San José, in the Central Valley’s Heredia mountains – is one of the oldest in Costa Rica. Our landscapes abound with coffee, Costa Rican culture, arts and crafts, and old-fashioned outdoor markets. Our educational, organic coffee farm tour and tasting is recognized for its beauty and biodiversity.

Learn more about our favorite activities below, or download a detailed book of our individual tours (PDF).

Costa Rica is a land of unparalleled beauty and adventure, and when you choose to visit Finca Rosa Blanca, you unlock a world of possibilities. From exploring majestic volcanoes to navigating the thrilling white waters, from immersing yourself in the rich culture to savoring the finest coffee highlands, your journey here will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Our diverse range of activities caters to everyone, whether you're embarking on a romantic honeymoon, venturing out on a solo adventure, or creating lasting memories with your extended family. Nestled in the heart of the Central Valley's Heredia mountains, Finca Rosa Blanca stands as a testament to Costa Rica's rich heritage, offering a glimpse into the captivating world of coffee, art, and traditional markets.

Our educational, organic coffee farm tour is a true highlight, celebrated not only for its exquisite coffee but also for the stunning biodiversity it showcases. So, as you explore the endless wonders of Costa Rica, make sure to include Finca Rosa Blanca in your itinerary. Your journey will be marked by the beauty of nature, the warmth of culture, and the unforgettable taste of exceptional coffee.

To delve deeper into our favorite activities or to plan your adventure, feel free to explore the details below or download our comprehensive tour guide. We look forward to sharing the magic of Costa Rica with you at Finca Rosa Blanca.