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Are you planning a trip to Costa Rica?

If you find yourself sifting through an overwhelming wish list for your Costa Rica vacation, you’re not alone. Our country is rich in things to do and places to visit, with sights to behold and a natural world to explore.

Luckily, Finca Rosa Blanca’s expert guides have scoured Costa Rica’s Central Valley and surrounds for the best coffee tours in Costa Rica, the most explosive (yet safe!) volcano tours, the most thrilling zip-line tours – for all the must-visit, must-experience, must-see Costa Rica adventures.

And we’re here to help you with your wish list-heavy Costa Rica trip planning.

Design a personalized itinerary that meets your needs here at Finca Rosa Blanca – and continues beyond your time with us, throughout your Costa Rica travels. Experience a trip filled with coffee, volcanoes, wildlife, cloud forests, beaches and jungles – and notably devoid of the all-too-common trip-planning mistakes and logistical errors. (For instance, did you know it takes at least an hour to climb the 20-mile road to Monteverde?)

At Finca Rosa Blanca, we’re proud to offer FRB Green, our complimentary concierge and trip-planning service. We’ll help you separate the must-see Costa Rica from the only-if-you-have-extra-time Costa Rica. Ask the experts, avoid common mistakes, and plan the adventure of your dreams.

Our Costa Rica trip planning services are available to our guests at no added cost. If you're staying at Finca Rosa Blanca and would like advice in planning the rest of your trip, we can help.