About Finca Rosa Blanca

Our Vision of Ecotourism

Over 30 years ago, in a muddy motocross field not far away, one family had a plan. It was born in that bare motocross field, but soon grew to an additional 30 acres, reforested lands, and a deep sense of community – into Finca Rosa Blanca, an inn and organic coffee farm.

Finca Rosa Blanca, a family inn strongly rooted in hospitality, community, and the environment.

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Quality Traveler Experiences

For more than 30 years, Finca Rosa Blanca has focused on the highest quality of service in the hospitality industry, paired with authentic experiences and the local flavor of Costa Rican culture.

At Finca Rosa Blanca, quality means enjoying the quality experiences you want – vibrant art and farm-to-table fare, positive cultural exchanges and creature comforts – without sacrificing your values.

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Finca Rosa Blanca’s Commitment to Sustainability

We take sustainability and regeneration seriously, because it’s the right thing to do.

We also believe that our efforts to create positive social and environmental impacts are key to providing a high quality experience for our guests. After all, every little detail matters. We also have a 5 out of 5 ranking from the "Blue Ecological Flag" program in Costa Rica for our work in mitigation, reduction and consciousness about trying to reverse Climate Change.

We support the Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST), a Costa Rican program that certifies responsible and sustainable tourism. Furthermore, we are proud to have obtained the highest level possible -"Elite"- within this program. Luckily, environmentally and socially conscious travelers visiting Costa Rica have a great tool to make sure their money is spent making a positive contribution to the planet and the people. The CST is administered by the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT). This rigorous certification system, the only one endorsed by the Costa Rican government, grants tourism entities two possible levels:

Basic:: This level requires the applicant to comply with 100% of the mandatory criteria and indicators stipulated in the CST Standard.

Elite: The applicant demonstrates the improvement and continuity of the sustainable management process with a minimum of 30% and an external impact of 70% fulfilled according to the criteria and indicators of the Standard CST 2.0, Finca Rosa Bianca has obtained this Elite level.

Our Efforts in Sustainability

  • Reduce our impact

    We reduce our impact through many initiatives, including solar-powered electricity and solar-heated hot water, a chemical-free ionized swimming pool, an ambitious plan of recycling and regeneration, and avoiding toxic chemicals.

  • Prioritize conservation and regeneration

    We support conservation, reduced biological impact, and regeneration, focused on reforestation and organic agriculture to reduce our ecological footprint and mitigate our impact on climate change. Over the last 25 years, we have planted more than 5,000 native trees and were one of the first carbon-neutral hotels in Costa Rica.

  • Promote education and training

    We embrace environmental consciousness and ecological practices. We protect our local ecosystem. We reduce our environmental stressors (ex. our demand on water and electricity); we preserve air and water quality; and we defend the integrity of Costa Rica’s natural resources and we educate and train our employees, guests and community about how to be better stewards of our environment.

  • We are involved in our community

    We train our staff and inform our visitors, to promote social education, sustain human health, promote environmental justice, and protect basic resources.

  • Stimulate the Local Economy

    We contribute to our community and stimulate social-economic involvement, as we strive for both inclusion and education, financial support and independence. We hire 100% local to directly benefit our immediate neighbors.

  • We value local experiences

    We hold dear and preserve local tradition through cultural interpretation: travel, tales, and tours dedicated to our local heritage, promoting cultural integrity, and seeking human wellbeing through increased social capital and traveler involvement in the local community.

  • Accessibility

    Our installations can be enjoyed by all people, independent of their age, gender identification, potential disabilities, or specific access requirements. Our staff will be happy to attend to their requirements.

  • Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

    Finca Rosa Blanca works to promote diversity within to include people from existing marginalized backgrounds in all positions where they are under-represented, and seeks to promote justice, impartiality and fairness within the procedures, processes, and distribution of our resources. Finca Rosa Blanca accepts and welcomes all different groups and individuals which have different religious, cultural or social backgrounds to ensure that all staff and clients are equally treated.

  • National Archaeological Heritage

    The cultural heritage of a country consists of the movable (objects or parts of them) and the real estate (buildings, archaeological sites, etc.) and non-material creations (oral traditions, music, dances, etc.) which have cultural significance to society, recognized by the state and are under protection of national and international legislation. Let's help preserve Costa Rica’s cultural heritage! If you have witnessed a situation where there is destruction of the cultural heritage of Costa Rica or any other another country, please collaborate by denouncing the act to the National Museum. Your report can be anonymous or not. You can alert the museum about situations such as:

    • “Huaquerismo”; This is an activity that relates to the illegal extraction of indigenous tools and utensils or any construction, agriculture or natural disasters that are altering the archaeological heritage of Costa Rica.

    • Trade, export, and transfer of pre-Columbian objects.

    • The import of archaeological artifacts elsewhere. Archaeological Protection

    Go to: the Website Museo de Costa Rica Here you will find a form to file the complaint, fill it out and send it.

Finca Rosa Blanca’s Certifications

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Pioneers in Sustainability and Regenerative Tourism

There’s a first time for everything. And we are proud to be the first hotel in the country to fully embrace – and to headline – first sustainable, now regenerative tourism in Costa Rica.

For years, we have known that sustainability is not enough. Sustainability seeks to maintain the status quo – to do less harm. Regenerative tourism repairs the harm that has already been done. At Finca Rosa Blanca, we embrace both.

Before it was a buzzword, we committed ourselves fully to sustainability and environmentally-conscious decision-making. Since our days surrounded by motocross track and fledgling coffee fields, we focused on and promoted proactive, sustainable practices.

Today, we work toward regeneration. We prioritize restoring the planet and replenishing the resources that have been lost. We build up and support our community and bolster the local economy. We help regenerate depleted, threatened, and extinct species and habitats, by planting native flora, protecting our lands, and partnering with responsible and regenerative local businesses.

We are proud to say that our efforts have obtained the highest possible level (five leaves) and a 100% score (at the time, unprecedented) with the Certification for Sustainable Tourism(CST), a Costa Rican program that certifies responsible and sustainable tourism. We could go on but, some things are better left to a conversation over coffee during your stay.

We constantly work to better ourselves. Here are a few of the things we’re proud to already get right:

The Finca Rosa Blanca Family

The family that transforms motocross fields together, stays together.

Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Farm & Inn is the creation – and heart – of three generations of the Jampol family. For three generations, it has been our dream project.

This dream began in 1985, with Sylvia Jampol, her son Glenn, and his wife Teri. More than three decades later, Teri and Glenn live on the organic coffee farm next to the hotel. Their two daughters, Lily and Olivia, grew up on the grounds. And, we are all delighted to share our home and this experience with you, our guests.

Today, our family extends to our 100% local staff, who have grown with us through the years. Our onsite naturalist and coffee guide, Ulises Zúñiga, began his work with us when he was just 20 years old and is a connoisseur and great lover of all things coffee. Ulises spends his free time birdwatching all over the country. Also, pictured here is our amazing Reservations chief, Edgardo Quesada, who has dedicated his time and love of sustainability and his pride in our local community to his work with Finca Rosa Blanca over the last 15 years.

We know you’ll enjoy meeting them, as much as we enjoy welcoming you.

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Art Abounds in Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Farm And Inn

Glenn has been an artist his whole life and his artwork can be seen hanging in both the restaurant and hotel. He and Teri have amassed a large collection of art, crafts and objects from all over the world and you will see many of their favorite pieces in and around the hotel and restaurant.

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