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Farm-to-Table, Seasonal Costa Rican Cuisine at El Tigre Vestido Restaurant

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There is a connection between food and travel. A strong and delicious connection.

At Finca Rosa Blanca, we honor and preserve that connection at El Tigre Vestido, our farm-to-table restaurant near San José.

The perfect complement to our greater Finca Rosa Blanca philosophy, El Tigre Vestido is a celebration of Costa Rican cuisine and a dedication to sustainability – to a balance of fresh ingredients, traditional recipes, and local culture.

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Seasonal & Creative Farm-to-Table Restaurant

At El Tigre Vestido, we focus on Latin fusion flavors and innovative Costa Rican cuisine, inspired by the richness of our own harvests and the organic coffee farm.

Every day, our team visits our greenhouse, orchard, and organic gardens to select the freshest ingredients and infuse authentic flavor into each dish. Every day, our menu changes just a bit – just enough to accommodate what’s blooming, fruiting, and ready for harvest at Finca Rosa Blanca.

And every day, we brew some of Costa Rica’s tastiest coffee. (Happily, breakfast at El Tigre Vestido is included with your hotel reservation.)

See our finest organic shade-grown coffee

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