Cultural Highlands Tour

Woman wearing mascara mask

Experience the rich tapestry of history and culture in Costa Rica, on our authentic cultural highlands tour: colonial architecture, traditional masks, food, and adobe/bahareque.

Get a taste of Costa Rican culture and history on this walking tour through the local colonial towns of Barva and Heredia. Famous mask-makers in the town of Barva still pass on the traditions of mask-making for annual community holidays - Costa Rica’s equivalent to Mardi Gras. Stop by an artist’s studio to watch the evolution of handmade giant puppet costumes which are typically worn by festivity-goers in parades and public dances. Visit the Roman Catholic Church of San Bartolome, built in 1575, which serves as a local parish.

A third stop in the town of Heredia, the provincial capital founded in 1706, includes a stroll around the town center to view Heredia’s Spanish colonial-style landmarks. Experience the sights, smells, and sounds of the Central Market; crowded and bustling, and filled with exotic fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs.

Cook arepas market
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