Organic Coffee Tour and Cupping

Couple examining coffee beans
Couple picking coffee beans

Walk Cafe Rosa Blanca's tree-shaded farm and become an expert in shade-grown, high-altitude coffee. Our Costa Rica organic coffee tour is one of the only in the area– and the country – and takes you from field to cup to cupping.

From origin to harvest, you’ll follow Café Rosa Blanca on its earthy journey from red coffee cherry to roasted brew. You’ll visit the “Beneficio,” or processing area, where the pulp is remove from coffee cherries, then ferment and dry the coffee beans before sorting, roasting and finishing in the Roasting and Packing House.

Immerse yourself in the scents and tastes of Cafe Rosa Blanca's freshly roasted organic coffee. Explore the mysteries of coffee tasting, aka cupping, including the infamous coffee slurp. (Trust us!) In the afternoons, we offer our guests fresh-roasted coffee, homemade biscuits, and cookies on our outdoor deck with views of the beautiful farms and Central Valley below.

Man tasting coffee
Man using diedrich machine
Coffee field