Seasonal Tasting Menu

Chef preparing dish

Seasonal, farm-to-table fare is a cornerstone at Finca Rosa Blanca and our restaurant, El Tigre Vestido.

Our gourmet cuisine culminates in our one-of-a-kind Coffee Connoisseur’s Tasting Menu – the apex of fine dining close to San Jose Airport and gourmet seasonal cuisine, prepared fresh and inspired in the bounty of our organic greenhouse, farm and orchards.

Alongside our Costa Rica coffee – the inspiration for our gourmet tasting menu – we grow most of our greens and herbs in our organic greenhouse, just a few meters away from the restaurant. All our other ingredients are sourced from sustainable providers and made in-house, to please all taste buds and needs.

The best tasting menus are a delicious surprise and an exercise in trust: Put your dining experience into the chef’s hands and then, enjoy the journey. Our Coffee Connoisseur’s Tasting Menu invites you to experience a multitude of culinary transformations, both savory and sweet – and sometimes, both at once. It truly is a journey.

Couple in greenhouse
Vegetables in local market