Braulio Carrillo National Park


Among the chief highlights of visiting Costa Rica is the experience of its protected natural areas. By trekking through Costa Rica’s national reserves, visitors witness stunning biodiversity and support the country’s pioneering conservation efforts

Near to Finca Rosa Blanca, the star conservation area is Braulio Carrillo National Park. One of Costa Rica’s most extensive parks, Braulio Carillo encompasses no less than seven diverse habitats. Just north of San José, a short drive from the hotel, the reserve includes rugged mountains, lush primeval forests, two dormant volcanoes, deep canyons, gorgeous waterfalls, meandering rivers, and a splendid cloud forest. The park encompasses points ranging from 9530-feet above sea level (atop Barva Volcano) down to 118-feet at La Selva (in the Caribbean lowlands-side of the park).

Bird lovers are in heaven at Braulio Carrillo, with more than five hundred species of birds, including the magnificent quetzal. A wide array of plant species abounds, including the fast-disappearing palmito and tepezcuintle trees. Animals such as guans, jaguars, tapirs, monkeys and South America’s largest venomous snake, the bushmaster, call Braulio Carillo home. If you plan to trek with us through Braulio Carrillo, bring some good hiking or walking shoes, binoculars and (of course) your camera. See you on the trail!