Organic food from organic garden at El Tigre Vestido restaurant

We have been working with Chef Jose Pablo Gonzales of the famous restaurant Al Mercat, is the Creative Director of the Tigre Vestido to create new menus which focus on our organic gardens, greenhouse, orchards and coffee farm. With his expertise and support we are offering food that honors the culinary traditions of Costa Rica and the fresh products grown on our soil while offering an extraordinary culinary experience. In our simple, fresh and balanced Costa Rican cuisine, the delicious dishes are prepared incorporating all the richness of our orchards, organic gardens and coffee farm. Our Seasonal Tasting Menu features our Rosa Blanca Organic Coffee and our farm to table ingredients in five delicious courses and can be enjoyed with a wine pairing. This menu should be reserved 24 hours ahead of time and is for a minimum of two people. In addition we offer to your clients both full board at $100 and half board at $50 which includes a Starter, Main and Dessert as well as a Natural Drink from our Lunch and dinner menu. This is a link to El Tigre Vestido Restaurant website where you can find a description of the cuisine and all of the menus.

El Tigre Vestido Restaurant