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Question #1: Aside from the one you sleep on, what other kinds of "beds" are there? To find this one, just walk anywhere around Finca Rosa Blanca!

Question #2: You could answer this one with your eyes closed (literally)! In fact, maybe you should do just that...

Question #3: I'm not only pictured on this page, but there are two of me at Finca Rosa Blanca. Try the restaurant!

Question #4: When you find me, you may be tempted to throw in a coin and make a wish!

Question #5: Visit Reception or the restaurant and then, look up!

Question #6: Even when it's not raining, you can spot my links from the restaurant or Reception.

Question #7: Visit the entrance to Finca Rosa Blanca, then reread this clue...

Question #8: What's another word for "panorama"?

Question #9: I'm the only vehicle that can transit Finca Rosa Blanca's pedestrian paths.

Question #10: White, blue, and red... Red, white, and blue... These colors are popular around the world, although their order in speech may vary!

Question #11: You likely eat me often (and often, I'm from Costa Rica.), but you may never have seen how I grow.

Question #12: There's an icon hint on this page of my green, climbing counterpart. Here at FRB, a local metalworker crafted my structural stems and leaves.

Question #13: Hike onto the trails above and behind the pool. Walk far enough, and you'll come across several of me on the forest floor!

Question #14: Be the master of your own scavenger success. Walk around, look up, and find the room in the round!

Question #15: What lights up and was once powered by gas, but is now powered by electricity?

Question #16: A parasitic plant hurts its host but an epiphyte works in symbiosis, by increasing the amount of air moisture and aiding in nitrogen absorption.

Question #17: I'm called a "cherry," but I'm like no cherry you've ever eaten! When not in season, you can find paintings of me all around the hotel.

Question #18: Did you know that "El Tigre Vestido" translates to "The Well Dressed Tiger"? Things that make you go hmm...

Question #19: You can spot one of me at Finca Rosa Blanca's entrance and another near the Main House guest rooms.

Question #20: If you like to jump, splash, and dive, you'll likely spend a lot of time at Finca Rosa Blanca's body of water!

Question #21: I can be tiny or just small, and I'm an excellent pollinator!

Question #22: Ask any Costa Rican about the most traditional way to prepare coffee, and you'll have your answer. Then, you just need to find me!

Question #23: You may think of me as panda food but here in Costa Rica, I serve a very different purpose!

Question #24: I come in many colors and can be seen year-round, but my iridescent blue version is the most iconic of Costa Rica!