Adventure and Nature

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Forest next to lake
Quetzal in Costa Rica

Our unique adventure and nature package includes a stay of three nights in one of our luxury junior suites where you will revel in our perfect climate of warm days and cool nights of the Costa Rican highlands while sipping a chilled organic wine or tropical fruit drink on your breezy sun dappled deck.

The next day go bird watching with our naturalist guide through the grounds of Rosa Blanca and the surrounding coffee farms at dawn, experiencing the wealth of bird life in our own backyard. Enjoy the high-altitude coffee farms of the area while discovering such birds as Wild Parakeets, Mot Mots and the elusive Quetzals.

After a sumptuous breakfast served with our freshly roasted coffee, you will join us on our famous Organic Coffee Tour. Learn from our expert coffee guide how coffee was discovered, traded and consumed, then stroll the lanes of the organic sustainable coffee farm and experience the entire process of organic cultivation, ending with roasting coffee in the roasting and packing house. Discover how the experts discern and rate gourmet coffee by participating in a 'coffee cupping' session. On your third day you will hike with our naturalist guide through Cloud Forests to the Crater Lake of Barva Volcano where resplendent Quetzals have been sighted. Your stay will be enhanced with our famous 5-course Tasting Menu for a sumptuous feast of locally sourced seasonal plates, all featuring our organic Rosa Blanca Coffee.

Hikers stairs