Bring Your Binoculars Package

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Bird in flight
Tarcoles river

Join us with our unique Birding package which includes a stay of three nights in one of our luxury junior suites where you will revel in our perfect climate of warm days and cool nights of the Costa Rican highlands while sipping a chilled organic wine or tropical fruit drink on your breezy sun dappled deck, binoculars in hand.

At dawn you will discover the birds of Rosa Blanca and the surrounding coffee farms with our naturalist guide, experiencing the wealth of bird life in our own backyard. In the highlands overlooking Costa Rica’s central valley, Finca Rosa Blanca is fortunate to be surrounded by a diverse collection of resident wildlife within a tropical ecosystem. We have spotted more than 130 species such as; Wild Crimson Fronted Parakeets, Lesson's Mot-Mots, Montezuma Oropéndolas and Bonking Bell Birds.

After a sumptuous breakfast served with our freshly roasted coffee you will hike with our naturalist guide through a high-altitude lush cloud forest up to Barva Volcano which is 2,906-meters / 9,534 feet at its summit. Barva Volcano is a series of mountainous ridges and a crater lagoon where diverse wildlife can be spotted, including resplendent quetzals. Forested natural hiking trails wind through this western sector of Braulio Carrillo National Park, which contains a primary ecosystem that has existed in the area since ancient times.

On your second day you will join us on a tour to the Carrara National Park where Scarlet Macaws can be seen winging through the trees in pairs. Relatively small in size, (4,700 Hectares) the significance of Carara National Park stems from its geographical location in a transition area between the tropical dry forest region to the north, and the more humid pacific rainforest to the south. Carara has flora and fauna from both ecosystems and the virgin forest that covers most of the park is the ideal environment for such rare wildlife as the Scarlet Macaw, the Fiery-billed Aracari and three species of monkeys. After walking the paths of the Carrara National Park, grab a front seat on this calm open-air, covered float trip down the Tárcoles River to see one of Costa Rica’s largest species: the American crocodile. Experience the biodiversity of the Pacific Coast mangroves, and navigate down the river as you may catch sight of native, migratory, and coastal birds including the rare Scarlet Macaws, Mangrove Hummingbirds, Mangrove Warbler and American Pygmy King Fisher.

Your stay will be enhanced with our famous 5 course Tasting Menu for a sumptuous feast of locally-sourced seasonal plates all featuring our organic Rosa Blanca Coffee.

Rufous Capped Warbler
Manolo Tirimbina
Tarcoles river bird