Free Family Fun on the Finca: 3 New Scavenger Hunts at Finca Rosa Blanca

Families, welcome to your new favorite vacation activity (and freebie): our three new scavenger hunts! They’re onsite, they’re free, and they’re exclusive to Finca Rosa Blanca!

Because we know that family vacations can be tough to plan. You don’t want to overschedule your days but you don’t want to miss out, either. So here’s your open invitation to leave a morning, an afternoon, or even a whole day open – to give yourself permission to linger over breakfast (or make it brunch!), to swim in the pool, to soak in the hot tub, and to spend a few hours strolling, wandering, and rambling over our trails and grounds.

And while you do, challenge your kids (and yourselves) to one of our three scavenger hunts. Developed and designed for everyone from toddlers through great-grandparents, they’ll take you out into nature and deep into Costa Rican culture. Along the way, you’ll spot butterflies and aerial tree roots, you’ll learn about traditional oxcarts and typical coffee preparation.

Welcome to a game, to a vacation memory, and to a side of Costa Rica that only the most intrepid scavenger hunters can experience.

Finca Rosa Blanca nature scavenger hunt

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Level: Easy

Ideal for young children and pre-readers, either with or without help from their parents, our simple search-and-find invites the tiniest seekers (and their families) to spot butterflies, coffee plants, and other natural and cultural symbols of Costa Rica.

Finca Rosa Blanca bingo scavenger hunt

Photo Bingo Scavenger Hunt

Level: Medium/Hard

Gamify your hunt with our photo bingo/scavenger hunt. Grab your bingo card and search Finca Rosa Blanca to find everything from leaf-cutter ants and hummingbirds to epiphytes and waterfalls. The first one to get five in a row – and you’ll have to take a photo to prove each of your finds! – wins. Let the game begin!

Finca Rosa Blanca riddle scavenger hunt

Riddle Scavenger Hunt

Level: Expert

Puzzle lovers, unite! Our riddle hunt offers plenty of twists and turns, encouraging you to observe and understand your surrounds in new and different ways. Put your heads together to solve these riddles as a team or dial it up for the competition round, which pits individuals (or family teams) against one another in a race to the finish!

Scavenger Hunt Central: Finca Rosa Blanca’s Front Desk

Our free scavenger hunts are now available at Finca Rosa Blanca’s Front Desk! Stop by for a paper copy or save a tree and use one of our QR codes.

We can’t wait to hear how you do!