Finca Rosa Blanca: A Wedding Hotel for Elopements & Micro Weddings in Costa Rica

magical setting for micro weddings in Costa Rica
Our towering ficus tree adds scenic magic to elopements, small, and micro weddings in Costa Rica

After years of postponed I-do’s and their past-due joys and celebration, your wedding season is finally here. And, whether you’ve chosen to elope in Costa Rica, or are planning a full-blown small wedding (50 to 90 guests) or micro wedding in Costa Rica (up to 50 guests), then this is your moment.

You’ve chosen a spectacular spot to step into forever. Whether you’re searching for a scenic ceremony-reception-honeymoon venue, a quiet elopement package, or an entire hotel where you and your guests can escape and celebrate, this guide will get you started.

Along the way, we hope you’ll fall a little in love with Finca Rosa Blanca. A world-class destination coffee farm set atop one of Costa Rica’s most picturesque hillsides, we overlook wide and wild panoramas of the lush Central Valley. Ours is a magnificent setting of scenic wonder and natural delight – of the Costa Rican wedding backdrop you dream. Welcome to your first day of forever!

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Finca Rosa Blanca: A Hotel for Elopements & Micro Weddings in Costa Rica

Finca Rosa Blanca wedding kiss at sunset

Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Farm & Inn is a world-renowned, shade-grown organic coffee farm with 14 world-class rooms, lush and colorful gardens, and stunning backdrops of the Central Valley.

We’re also a scenic spot to elope in Costa Rica – or a welcoming, rehearsal dinner-to-honeymoon venue for your small or micro wedding in Costa Rica. Encircled by verdant coffee plantations and lulled by mountain breezes, you and your wedding guests will enjoy all our luxury facilities, plus the opportunity to celebrate your ceremony beneath our giant ficus tree, with a spectacular view of the Central Valley below.

Known for our romanticism and art, Finca Rosa Blanca is that picture-perfect venue you envision, when you think of your memorable wedding location: an extraordinary place and an unforgettable setting, surrounded by steaming volcanoes, coffee-dappled mountainsides, and forests draped in mist.

We are proud to have received numerous awards and accolades for our extraordinary service, attention to detail, and role as a world leader in responsible tourism, making us a perfect choice for the most discerning and knowledgeable wedding couples who want to combine luxury with certified sustainability.

Finca Rosa Blanca can help you arrange everything from a ceremony locale to an all-inclusive wedding package, whether you’re planning to elope in Costa Rica or are seeking an entire hotel to reserve for your small or micro wedding.

Whatever your style, keep your planning simple and your event magical, thanks to our picturesque venues, the excellent cuisine of our creative chef, a romantic stay in a fabulous master suite with stunning views, and pampering at our Spa El Targuá. Or simply enjoy a glass of champagne on your private terrace. Whatever you imagine for your perfect wedding, Finca Rosa Blanca will help make it possible!

Finca Rosa Blanca: Elopement, Small & Micro Wedding Venues in Costa Rica

wedding reception table at Finca Rosa Blanca

Finca Rosa Blanca is ideally equipped to create events from a tropical fantasy elopement for 2 to small weddings for up to 90 guests.

Escape to paradise and relax as our experienced staff see to every detail of your wedding. After a romantic ceremony overlooking the green Central Valley, celebrate with sumptuous Costa Rican fusion cuisine, Latin rhythms or classic serenades, and champagne toasts the backdrop of a radiant moon and twinkling valley lights.

And if you really want to relax during your celebration and stay at Finca Rosa Blanca, the elegant and intimate Targuá Spa gives you the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing massage, an exotic volcanic mud wrap, or an organic coffee body scrub. We can also arrange for a stylist who will create for you the most romantic looks for your wedding, including a variety of hairstyles and makeup for the occasion of your life.

Elopements and Weddings at Finca Rosa Blanca Could Include:

  • Your choice of hotel venue
  • Custom farm-to-table catering menus through our restaurant, El Tigre Vestido
  • Rehearsal dinner and wedding brunch
  • Wedding Planner to help with the details
  • Wedding Cake Consultant
  • Wedding Photographer/Videographer
  • Specialized wedding gifts, crafted from Finca Rosa Blanca organic coffee
  • … And almost any other detail you can dream up!

For Your Stay:

We also offer our wedding clients a hotel buy-out option, which encompasses 14 rooms (including our ultra-romantic Master Suite, perfect for the wedding couple), breakfast for all guests, and exclusive use of our 30 rolling acres, with added flexibility to customize your reception. Please inquire for details.

When is the Best Time to Get Married in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica wedding reception with a view
Finca Rosa Blanca and El Tigre Vestido are fully equipped to host your wedding celebrations, from ceremony to reception and beyond

The short answer is that there is no right or wrong time, month, or season to get married or elope in Costa Rica. Each season has its own charm, magic, and wonder.

There are three distinct wedding seasons in Costa Rica:

December-March: The Sunniest Months

Known as the high and dry season, December through March marks Costa Rica’s “summer” months, when the sun shines all day, every day, and daytime temperatures soar.

From a photo op perspective, the months of December and January are fresh off the wettest of the wet season, so they’re typically breezy and still very green. February and March have calmer weather but drier landscapes.

Note that this is also Costa Rica’s high season and thus welcomes the most travelers, which means that wedding and honeymoon destinations book up farther in advance and prices are higher. July and August are also considered wedding high season and often can be lovely and green, with fewer visitors, cheaper prices, and sunny days with isolated showers.

May-June and September-October: The Greenest Months

Costa Rica’s green season is called green for a reason: Near daily rains set the country ablaze with every hue, shade, and variety of green. The landscapes are spectacular, waterfalls run thick, and tropical flowers explode with blooms.

That said, it will probably rain every day during the Green Season. Sometimes, for hours. That can put a literal damper on outdoor celebrations, so you’ll need either an outdoor contingency tent or an indoor venue. (At Finca Rosa Blanca, we can accommodate all-weather ceremonies and receptions!)

What Are the Requirements to Get Married in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica wedding reception at Finca Rosa Blanca

Destination elopements, small weddings, and micro weddings in Costa Rica are easy: Unless you’re marrying a Costa Rican citizen, all you will need are valid passports and a Costa Rican lawyer. With these requirements, I thee wed!

Unless, of course, you make it even easier on yourself. Because, while getting married in Costa Rica requires only two things, getting your marriage legalized and/or validated back home may take some time and work.

So, many couples choose to skip the international paperwork and begin with a small civil ceremony in their country of residence. Simply bring yourselves and your closest friends and family.

Destination Elopement Micro or Small Wedding: Which is Right for You?

Not very long ago, there was only one option for a wedding: a traditional ceremony and reception, complete with all the customs and expectations that the pairing entailed. And then, destination weddings emerged as the next frontier – as an escape, an adventure, and an alternative, albeit one still wreathed in tradition.

Bigger was better. Tradition was king. And expectations weighed heavy.

No longer! Now, you can craft your perfect wedding and celebration, whether it’s just the two of you or an entire guest list.

Elope in Costa Rica

Elope in Costa Rica

In the wedding world, an elopement is the simplest (in a good way) choice you can make, promising a special day with fewer decisions and zero outside expectations.

Adding a layer of joy and celebration, destination elopements add scenic flair. Often, these are the just-us ceremonies and celebrations you envisioned in your dreams: lush mountaintops and sweeping panoramic views, exquisite catering and unique locales. (And often, your elopement destination also serves to host your honeymoon.)

Destination elopements are an excellent choice if you:

  • Dream of a jaw-dropping locale. Many of the world’s most spectacular venues are expensive or far away from home or too intimate to accommodate 150+ guests. Eloping opens the door to anywhere and everywhere you could dream.
  • Have a tiny guest list. Elopements, and especially destination elopements, typically have 0-4 guests. If there are guests, they are usually immediate family, who also serve as the couple’s witnesses.
  • Don’t want to make many hundreds of choices. If you’re not the type to worry over the choice between cream and ecru, then you’ll be drawn to the ease and simplicity of an elopement. Often, your destination will arrange most of the minimalist details and you’ll just show up to say, “I do.”
  • Prefer to allocate your funds for the honeymoon. If you make simple choices, you can elope on a relatively small budget, even with all the Big Day bells and whistles.

Destination Small & Micro Weddings in Costa Rica

wedding vows at Finca Rosa Blanca

Small weddings have existed for years, but micro and small weddings in Costa Rica are an emerging trend – an art and an intimate celebration of commitment – that bridge the gap between a private elopement and a small wedding.

While micro weddings are typically defined as an event between 20 and 50 guests, a destination micro wedding typically involves 15 to 35 guests. These intimate and joyful celebrations are popular with couples seeking relaxed, flexible, and dream-fulfilling alternatives to the heretofore either-or choice of no guests or many guests.

They’re also a Finca Rosa Blanca celebration specialty.

The Benefits of a Micro Wedding

With under 50 guests (or up to 90 guests, for small weddings) to coordinate, your logistics and planning are simplified because you don't have to check in with as many people and schedules.

The real benefit is that a destination micro wedding in Costa Rica invites you to indulge in your wildest nuptial dreams. You can surprise your guests with a spectacular destination, a singular boutique hotel, and a farm-to-table wedding reception. You can create unforgettable experiences because, frankly put, you have a more flexible and forgiving per-person budget.

Design Your Perfect Day

wedding cake at Finca Rosa Blanca, Costa Rica

Balancing everyone’s needs can be a challenge. Especially when it comes to weddings which seem, so often, to elicit the strongest opinions and to polarize our nearest and dearest.

A destination micro wedding sets a different expectation, from the very start, than would a large and traditional celebration. With a destination micro wedding, you'll find that you’ll likely have fewer expectations placed on you. It’s almost like magic: By sidestepping a traditional reception, you sidestep traditional expectations.

As a couple, you’ll be able to reflect on your priorities and plan a celebration that honors your love, your commitment, and your personalities. And you’ll be able to do so through an experience that is both intimate and shared with the ones you can’t imagine celebrating without.

Add More Personal Touches

Handwritten notes. Bespoke reception favors. A rehearsal dinner and later, a wedding brunch. And, of course, more time to spend with your guests in conversation and celebration.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Your planning time is reduced. Your to-do list is shortened. You won't need to worry about seating arrangements or complicated invitations, or hundreds of guests’ worth of dietary restrictions.

Instead, you'll make a handful of important-to-you decisions and then, you'll enjoy your special day with your closest circle of family and friends.

And Travel Somewhere Incredible

Layering on to the idea of a micro wedding, a destination micro wedding marries the benefits and joys of a destination wedding with the advantages and intimacy of a micro wedding.

No longer will you be forced to decide between this or that, reception bliss or honeymoon wonder. You can have the best of both worlds – of all worlds – and share it with the people you love most.

Say “I do” to the most romantic day of your life. We look forward to hosting such a special moment in your lives. Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your wedding at Finca Rosa Blanca.

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