Planning a Family Vacation in Costa Rica? This One Gets It Just Right

Any parent knows – when you go on trip as a family, there’s a certain balance you have to strike. Sometimes, it can feel a little bit like vacationing with Goldilocks, forever in search of that that perfect tipping point: not too hot, not too cold; not too hard, not too soft. It has to be juuuust right.

And you want to get it just right, of course. Because, you love spending time together. You’re all looking forward to your family vacation in Costa Rica. It’s going to be spectacular and memorable and everything you hope it will be. But, you all have your own wish lists, too: Each of you has a different must-see or must-do, and you don’t know if you’ll have time to fit them all in.

At Finca Rosa Blanca, we’re a family, too. And we don’t just mean that in the sense of the Finca Rosa Blanca family; we have families of our own. We travel with our families. We travel Costa Rica with our families.

This, combined with decades of welcoming families to Costa Rica? Well, we guess you could say we have a unique take on this whole family vacation in Costa Rica thing. We won’t say we’ve perfected it – every family is different – but we will say we’ve had a lot of practice in getting it juuuust right.

And that’s how our Costa Rica Family Adventure came about.

Costa Rica Family Adventure: A Little Bit of Everything

Adventures for every member of the family
Adventures for every member of the family

We like to think of our family adventure package as a little bit of this and a little bit of that – as that just-right Goldilocks mix that has something to please everyone in your family, and a whole lot of other everythings to delight you all.

Let’s start with where you’ll stay: Finca Rosa Blanca is an eclectic and luxury hotel, located in the cool (but not too cold!) mountains of Costa Rica’s Central Valley. Dedicated to architecture, art, and luxury, your stay with us is upscale enough for exacting tastes, yet casual enough that kids can feel at home.

Stroll our extensive grounds. Take a swim in our infinity pool. Indulge in our valley-view Jacuzzi hot tub. Savor the little details, like in-room French-press Rosa Blanca organic coffee and breakfast on our open-terrace restaurant. Or, pamper yourself (or your whole family) with add-on spa treatments and a massage. Schedule a yoga class.

Of course, a family vacation is about more than where you stay (even if you’re staying at Finca Rosa Blanca!). That’s why we’ve included a few of our most kid-entertaining, family-pleasing, make-some-forever-memories activities in one great package:

  • Follow the coffee bean from field to cup, on a nature walking, organic coffee farm tour, and cupping session. Not only will you learn plenty about your favorite morning pick-me-up, but our awesome guides will get your kids giggling as they slurp their way through every flavor of the coffee rainbow.
  • Explore a traditional Costa Rican strawberry and dairy farm: Milk the cows, pick the berries and, of course, taste ALL the cheese.
  • Visit an experiential chocolate learning center, where you’ll follow cacao’s journey from bean to bar. You’ll love the insight into cacao’s history in Central America, while your kids will get a kick out of whipping up their own chocolate concoctions. Sea salt and chili pepper, anyone?
  • Finally, we round out your visit at one of Costa Rica’s most beloved animal rescue centers, where you’ll explore both temporary and permanent homes for the country’s injured, confiscated, or rescued wildlife – for any animal in need of rehabilitation and a safe, humane home. This is as close as Costa Rica gets to guaranteed animal sightings, serving up plenty of oohs and ahhs: scarlet macaws, howler monkeys, green and black iguanas, squirrel monkeys, parrots, toucans, and so much more!

Of course, we’re happy to swap, add, or adjust. Your family is unique and our ideas for you are, too. To get your imagination flowing, here are a few of our favorite extras, add-ons, and addendums:

  • Seek new thrills at our active volcanoes & their natural reserves.
  • Set your heart racing and your adrenaline pounding, on a canopy zip-line tour.
  • Bond over the challenge of Class II, III and IV whitewater rapids.
  • Savor your favorite flavors on a spice & pineapple farm tour.
  • Explore unique Costa Rica traditions on cultural & community tours.
  • Reserve solo or whole-family yoga classes, spa services, and massages.
  • And plenty more… just ask!

For more details, please get in touch or review all the details of our Costa Rica Family Adventure package.