5 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica When We Can Travel Again- Condé Naste Traveller - June, 2020

"Up in the highlands above the Costa Rican capital San José, artist-owned resort Finca Rosa Blanca is a stellar example of such eco-endeavour. The sustainably forested coffee plantation is locavore in style, using the organic bounty of its farm, greenhouse and orchards to create delicious seasonal dishes, as well as a tasting menu paired with its own fresh Arabica brews. Finca Rosa Blanca is well located for exploring several of Costa Rica’s natural wonders, notably the nearby steaming volcanoes, standing on the continental divide at Barva Volcano or marvelling at the moonscape surrounding the active Irazú volcano, as well as bird-watching, ziplining through the forest canopy and going on high-altitude coffee hikes which include cupping lessons."

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